women test menWhy Women Test Men

Why do women test men?

Women test men for a lot of reasons, but especially to see how men will react.  Keep in mind that attractive women are getting hit on everyday and they must be able to quickly tell if you’re someone who is just a waste of her time or if you’re someone who is actually worth her time.  Testing a man is a perfect way for a woman to make this distinction and put you in either the relationship, fling, or friend category.

Women test men also to protect themselves from getting hurt.  Before giving her heart away to a man, a woman will want to make sure that she will not get her heart broken.  So to prevent herself from getting played, a woman will often try to confuse a man by acting disinterested and making him jealous so as to tell a man that she’s not easy and not to be taken advantage of.

How do women test men?

Some common tests a woman may throw a man’s way are:

1) Asking you for a subtle favor such as holding her drink

2) Asking you to buy her something such as a drink

3) Asking you crazy dead end questions that don’t make sense such as “Am I fat?”

4) Canceling a date unexpectedly or flaking on you

5) Not calling or texting back

6) Insulting you or making fun of you

7) Giving you an ultimatum

8) Acting bitchy to see if you’ll put up with her behavior

9) Flirting with other guys in front of you

10) Teasing you with sex and trying to make you beg for it

Of course there are many more ways women test men, but the ones I have listed above almost all us have experienced and can serve as a base for recognizing test patterns.

Why do you want women to test you?

When a woman tests you, it means she’s at least mildly attracted to you and trying to find out if she will let herself be more attracted to you on the condition that you pass the tests.  Think about it: women don’t test guys that are absolutely not attracted to.  Instead, society forces women to act politely and respectfully to men they are not attracted to—kind of like how you act towards a cashier at a grocery store. So if a woman you like is treating you too nice, then it’s time to get a little worried.

And if you’re passing all of her tests, you’re giving yourself a big, big advantage in building more attraction than any other guy that’s trying to go for her.  You’re separating yourself as the obvious choice for her because you’re showing her that no matter what happens, you’re still in control of yourself.

What should you do when women test men?

Well, there’s only one thing you can do—cry.  Just kidding.

I have found that there’s pretty much three best ways to deal with a woman’s tests.

Not Paying Attention to Them

Yes, just ignore them or act like she never said anything.  When a woman tests you, she’s trying to throw you off balance emotionally. By disregarding or not responding to what she said, you’re acting emotionally unaffected by the test and you’re not letting yourself fall into the trap.

Testing Her Back

This is as simple as it sounds.  Try throwing one of her tests back at her and see how she reacts to it.  By testing her back, you’re also telling her indirectly that you’re on to her tests and that you speak her lingo.


Lighten up the situation by adding a bit of laughter to it.  When you’re having fun and enjoying yourself even while she’s testing you, she’ll know that she’s dealing with someone who doesn’t take insignificant things so seriously.

And that’s all tests from women are—insignificant.


What are your thoughts on why women test men? Why do you think women test men? Have you ever been tested by a woman? Comments or suggestions are highly encouraged.  Thanks!

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