things to say to make a girl smileThings To Say To Make a Girl Smile

When it comes to things to say to make a girl smile, half of it is about having charm and the other half is about actually having something clever or witty to say. In other words, not only do you need the right things to say to make a girl smile, but you also need the right method of delivery to make a girl smile. One without the other is simply just not going to cut it.

As you’re thinking of things to say to make a girl smile, you must also remember to think about your audience.  Who is the girl? What is her personality like? How do you think she will react? Things that may make one girl smile, may make the next girl slap you.  Every girl is different so you must practice at delivering the right words to the right girl.

Also, remember that your ultimate objective is to generate humor and sexual tension.  When you’re carrying on a conversation with a girl, you want to make her laugh, and at the same time, you want to make her feel sexually attracted to you.

Now that you have some background information on things to say to make a girl smile, let’s get on with what you’re actually going to say.

Typically, in a conversation, a girl is going to ask you what you do for a living to make small talk.  You can respond by saying something along the lines of, “Oh, I’m a professional thumb wrestler” or “I build houses out of cardboard boxes for homeless people.”  What you’re trying to do here is set the tone to let her know that you’re sarcastically joking, enshroud yourself with a hint of mystery about your real job, and imply that your real job is respectable enough that you don’t need to go around bragging about it.

Things to say to make a girl smile that are similar to this are grounds for setting up an “inside joke.”  Most of the time, the girl that you’re saying these things to will laugh and joke back with you.  If she does, you can build on what you said by saying “I would thumb wrestle you, but I can’t risk you hurting my thumbs if you lose because I have a tournament coming up” or “If you want me to build you a cardboard box house, I can give you a huge discount if you order within the next 72 hours.”

Playing off the sarcasm, if she asks for your name, you could respond by saying “Bruce Wayne” or any other well known fictional character.  If that makes her smile, you can tell her “Yeah, I might look a little different on screen because they put a lot of make up on me, but I still got the money, and if you want to meet Alfred, he’s picking me up in a few hours.”

Again, before you go further with things to make a girl smile, it’s important that you consider your audience and gauge her reaction.  If she doesn’t joke back with you or if she doesn’t get it, you’ll be digging yourself  a hole that you can’t climb out of and the best thing to do is to just drop the joke.  Also, be sure that you don’t take things too far and kill the joke.  One or two sarcastic statements is enough.  Later on if the conversation is going smoothly, you can revert back to the joke once in a while.

It all comes down to having fun and being original.

Some other things to say to make a girl smile involve role reversals.  Put yourself in the shoes of a hot girl who gets hit on all the time.  Think about what she would say to a guy who tries to make small talk with her.  Keeping this in mind, if the girl you’re having a conversation with asks you questions like “So, do you live around here?” you can respond by saying “Umm, wait before I answer that, you’re not like some crazy stalker are you?”

This makes it seem like you’re the prize and you’re the one getting hit on which will take her by surprise but also make her chuckle a little bit.  This will also help to build sexual attraction because it implies higher social position and social value.

Finally, the very best things to say to make a girl smile are always going to come naturally.  Capitalizing on opportunities when they present themselves spontaneously is going to give you a much better chance at success than just using a canned line.  The most important thing is to remember to have fun and make sure that she enjoys being with you.


Are there any other things to say to make a girl smile that you usually use? Do you think these things to say to make a girl smile will be effective for you?  Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. Thanks!

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