oneitisOneitis: A Curable Disease

What is oneitis?  In the pickup community, oneitis is basically a condition disease where a guy obsesses over a certain girl and has a want for her so intense that it’s excruciatingly painful. The problem with oneitis is that the girl usually doesn’t share the same feelings as the guy does.  This only adds to the pain because no matter what the guy does to try to get the girl, he almost never ends up getting his oneitis.

Oneitis is one of the most common causes of guys joining the pickup community and wanting to learn the dynamics of getting girls and dating. Almost all of us have experienced this disease. I’m sure you can relate. If you think you have oneitis but you’re not sure, here are some symptoms that can help in your diagnosis:

  • You think she’s perfect, despite any flaws she might have
  • You feel that she’s the only one for you
  • You think she’s different from all the other girls
  • You’re scared to do anything that might mess things up with her
  • You overanalyze everything she does and says
  • You’re willing to do anything she asks of you
  • You blow off other girls and other friends just to make yourself available for her

So, why is oneitis bad? Oneitis keeps you from being effective with women.  It’s like walking with your eyes closed.  You don’t see what’s around you at the moment.  You’re blinded to what’s really happening.  You misinterpret even her smallest actions as an indication that she’s interested in you.  When this happens, you begin to develop over-romanticized expectations of her which usually results in deep disappointment when you find out that she doesn’t like you like you like her.

The worst part about oneitis is that any chance of a relationship with the girl is usually over before it even begins.  Oneitis is often a battle that can’t be won. You think too much. You get emotional. You make mistakes. You put her on a pedestal. You make her feel like she already has you which ironically makes her want you less.

So, how do you cure this Oneitis?  Well, first you must realize that no girl is actually as special as you think she is.  That’s right. No matter what you think, there will always be a girl who is hotter, cuter, nicer, smarter, and funnier. But of course, you haven’t met her yet.  Look, there are close to 3,000,000,000 women in the world.  She’s really not that special.

After you have developed this abundance mentality, realize that you must keep your options open.  Why?  Because it will ensure that you remain in control.  This way, you’re not focusing on what she does or says, your focusing on how you feel.  And if oneitis is making you feel like a crumpled paper at the bottom of a trash can, keeping your options open will make you feel like the king of the jungle.

So don’t wait around for her.  Don’t trap yourself.  Don’t get paralyzed. Don’t beat yourself up. You can’t control what she does, but you can control what you do to cure yourself of oneitis.


I’d love to hear your stories about oneitis. Has oneitis ever affected your life? Comments are always appreciated and encouraged. Thanks!!

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