how to be attractive to womenHow To Be Attractive To Women With 3 Hobbies

Knowing how to be attractive to women revolves around passion and living an active lifestyle.  When you have exciting things going on in your life and you’re doing things that you’re passionate about, women will take notice.

The trouble with how to be attractive to women comes when you feel like you must do something that you don’t really like or enjoy.  This will suck the passion right out of you.  An obvious example would be working at a job that you really don’t like or enjoy.  Granted, it might be tough quitting your job and finding something that’s more suitable for you, but the key is to be patient, consider your options and make sure you plan things out.  You probably won’t find out what you’re truly passionate about right away anyway, but once you do, my advice is to go for it!

Until then, try out different things and see what calls out to you.  In your journey to find your passion, no matter what happens, at least you’ll still be living an active lifestyle that will make for a great conversational topic with women.  Here are 3 hobbies that you might consider to help you in how to be more attractive to women:

1. Exercising

Exercising and working on your fitness is a hobby that has enormous benefits for how to be attractive to women.  Consider signing up at a gym or joining an adult sports league.  If it’s a sports league that both men and women can join, you can kill two birds with one stone.  Not only is it a great way to keep yourself in shape, but it’s also a great avenue for meeting and attracting women.  If it’s a sports league that only men can join, that’s alright too.  You can still keep yourself in shape, and as mentioned previously, in your conversations with women, you can bring up how you did in your last rugby match.  This will tell her that active and tough (which could be translated by her as you being great in bed).

2. Playing Instruments

Playing instruments not only takes a lot of dedication, commitment, and talent, but it also takes a lot of balls. You don’t play an instrument so you can perform for yourself, you play it so that you can perform for others.  For most guys, this is not something easy to do, but for most girls, if you can do it, it builds instant attraction.  It’s almost as if every time you strum a guitar, blow on a saxophone, or bang on a drum, a piece of clothing comes off the girl that you’re performing to.  When it comes to how to be attractive to women, playing instruments is a no brainer.

3. Traveling

Being well traveled could be argued as being the epitome of living an active lifestyle.  Added benefits include the opportunity to learn languages and going straight to the source for country specific activities.  Think being able to say “you’re beautiful” in 8 different languages would be attractive to women?  You bet.  Think learning to tango straight from Argentina would be attractive to women?  Definitely.

What are your thoughts on how to be attractive to women with these hobbies?  Are there any other hobbies you know of for how to be attractive to women? Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. Thanks!

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