flirting signsCommon Flirting Signs from Women

Being able to detect flirting signs from women is an art form. It’s like having a super power—reading her mind and knowing exactly what she’s thinking and how she’s feeling.  Truth be told though, detecting flirting signs from women is actually instinctual in nature.

This instinct is also present among animals.  It’s their natural way of communicating that they want to mate.  That’s why animals are so attentive to these subtle signs, whereas humans are not.

Humans have a more difficult time trusting their instincts. Men in particular, tend to second guess their instincts when they see flirting signs from women.  We doubt what we feel.  We do not want to assume for the sake of being wrong.  We thus become dull and oblivious to the hidden messages women sometimes try to send us.

So how do you detect flirting signs from women?

Fortunately, we don’t have to be completely instinctual like animals to be able to detect these subtleties.  However, we do have to be aware of what some common flirting signs are so that we can partially trust our instincts to act on the flirting signs when the time is right.

Most women will flirt with you discretely while other women will flirt with you blatantly.  Either way, here are the flirting signs that women will commonly use:

Eye Contact – she won’t look at you for more than 3 seconds in the eye unless she’s initially interested in you and wants to flirt.  So, if you see this sign, don’t second guess it and just go approach the girl.

Fiddling – she will usually fiddle with her hair, her keys, her phone, or her wallet when she’s talking to you. This behavior is unintentional and unconscious and she will do it either when she wants you to notice her more or when she wants you to make a move on her.

Proximity – if you notice that she’s conveniently in close proximity to you for no apparent reason at all, this means that she wants you to approach her and that she wants you to talk to her.  To further test this flirting sign, walk away from where you are and notice if she follows you.

Body Language – if you’re talking to a girl, a great flirting sign to look out for is the direction her body is pointed. When she wants to flirt with you, she will point her body at you. When she points her body at you, also watch out for where her feet are pointed when she is standing and where her knees are pointed when she is sitting. If they are pointed towards you, you’re definitely doing something right.

Teasing – if she teases you, it’s one of the best flirting signs you can ask for.  Generally, you only tease someone who you’re comfortable with, so don’t get offended if she makes a sly remark about you.  Instead, respond with a witty comeback.

Touching – she will be particularly touchy if she wants to extend an invitation for you to flirt with her.  Now, this isn’t limited to her only using her hands to touch you (although that is the most obvious way she’ll flirt with you by touching).  Anytime her skin touches yours counts as touching.  Doesn’t matter what part of your skin.  Maybe your knees are touching while you’re sitting next to each other or your elbows are touching on the table.  These are not coincidences.

What I’ve just went over are some flirting signs that women will commonly express either consciously or unconsciously.  Now it’s up to you to pick up on these flirting signs and use them to your advantage!


What other flirting signs do you usually look out for from women?  Are there other common flirting signs that you’d like to add to this list? Comments are always appreciated and encouraged. Thanks!!

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