20 Dating Rules for Men

These dating rules that I’ve put together are the result of research combined with real experience. I don’t mean for you to follow these rules religiously, but just use them as general guidelines. Enjoy.

Dating Rule 1:  Never let a woman disrespect you or your time. If she does, don’t hesitate to dump her and move on to the next one.

Dating Rule 2:  Avoid dating girls who have more problems than you do. You do not need the extra baggage.

Dating Rule 3:  Avoid revealing everything about yourself too early. You should always try to remain as mysterious as you can. This makes everything more fun.

Dating Rule 4:  A woman can only take advantage of you if you let her. Don’t let her.

Dating Rule 5:  Do not date girls from work. The risk is not worth the reward.

Dating Rule 6:  Unless both you and her have specifically agreed that you are together in a relationship—you’re not in a relationship.  And if you’re not in a relationship, you can both date whoever you want.

Dating Rule 7:  Never put a woman on a pedestal. The more you put her above you, the more difficult it will be to reach her.

Dating Rule 8:  Do not call her to have a long conversation on the phone.  Long conversations should be saved for the date.

Dating Rule 9:  If you call her and get her voicemail, it’s best  not to leave a message. If you do leave a message, leave a short one. You don’t want to give the impression that you enjoy talking to a machine.

Dating Rule 10Confidence > Good Looks. All women find confidence attractive, but only some women find good looks attractive.

Dating Rule 11:  Rejection is your friend.  Once you accept that you can use rejection to your advantage by learning from it, you’ll be unstoppable.

Dating Rule 12:  If you find yourself losing your best friends because of one girl, you’re doing something wrong.

Dating Rule 13:  Women will test you to see who you really are. So anytime a woman throws a test at you, stand your ground. Challenge her. And don’t be afraid to be who you are, unless who you are is a pussy.

Dating Rule 14:  Don’t assume that you have to do all the chasing. If you demonstrate enough value, she will be the one chasing you.

Dating Rule 15:  If a girl cheats on you, get rid of her immediately. No exceptions.

Dating Rule 16:  Avoid spending too much money on women.  You don’t want to be buying her affection.  There are other women for that—they’re called prostitutes.

Dating Rule 17:  Women love attention like guys love sex. Don’t give her too much attention too soon or you’ll be the “attention whore.”

Dating Rule 18:  Never say “I love you” before she does.

Dating Rule 19:  Realize that women aren’t the only thing to go for in life. Ironically, the more you go for other things in life, the more women will be attracted to you naturally.

Dating Rule 20:  Rules are meant to be bent or broken. Don’t be afraid to test and tweak until you find the dating rules that are perfect for you.

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